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Our assortment shows the products that Hart Delicious currently distributes. Changes in the range are reserved. Below you will find a legend with regard to the different symbols and indications that are used for various products in this overview:

Kant en klaar

These products are ready to use


These products are delivered frozen and have to be baked prior to using them


These products are delivered frozen and are ready to use after defrosting


These products are not standard in stock and can be ordered on request

All products are displayed whether this concerns ready-to-use, bake-off or frozen products. When a product deviates from the above-mentioned classification, this is indicated with the product itself.

Easy ordering

There are a few easy and quick ways to place an order.

  • Mail your order to
  • Sent your order by a WhatsApp message to +31 (0)6 5317 6572
  • Tell us your order by calling us +31 (0)20 659 7278

Do you prefer to order online? No problem! Sent us a request for a webshop account, log in with your company account details on the website and place your order whenever or wherever your are. You can find all the orders that are placed through the webshop in your account.

We do not deliver to individuals.

Quick delivery

When an order is placed by using one of our ordering options whit delivery within the region of Amsterdam, the delivery will be the next business day unless agreed otherwise.

Are you looking for a specific product which you can’t find on the website? Please contact us so we can see if there’s a possibility to make this product available for you.

Order in our webshop

Placing orders is a piece of cake by using our webshop. Login with your company account, select the products and quantities you’d like to order and choose a delivery date. It’s that easy!

No webshop account yet?

Would you like to start using our webshop but haven’t you got an account to login with? Please contact u so we can create a company profile for you. You’ll be ready to start ordering online very soon!

How to shop online with my mobile

How to shop online with my desktop and tablet


I’ve sent the request for a webshop account but haven’t received the information to login?
Thank you for submitting the information for your webshop account! We will make sure to create your account as soon as possible. You will receive an email with the needed information to login on your webshop account within 2 working days. Haven’t received any information after this time? Please contact us so we can help you get it.

I’m in search of a product but I can’t find it anywhere?
The webshop is sorted based on the index from the catalogue and the assortment and pricelist. All products are ranged in a category or subcategory.
You can also make it yourself easy and use the search option in the right upper corner of the screen. Are you not getting the result you’re looking for? There is a possibility that this product has been removed out of the assortment. To make sure, please contact us to help you.

When will my order be delivered?
You can choose your own delivery date while placing the order online. When ordered before 07:00 AM, we will try our best to deliver this order to you the same day.

My location is not near Amsterdam and I have regular delivery days. When will I receive my order?
You can choose your own delivery date while placing the order. Please keep your own regular delivery days in mind when choosing the date. When you’ve selected a date which is not one of your regular dates or whether it’s not possible to make the delivery that day the date will be changed automatically to the first possible delivery date. You’ll not receive an extra notification of this change.

Is it possible to deliver my order to another location?
Yes, of course. Please contact us after placing the order to give us the correct delivery adress by mail using or by phone +31 (0)20 659 7278.

Do I need to pay directly while placing an order online?
No, it is not. We use the same payment period that has already been agreed with you. You will receive the invoice from us as usual, after which you transfer the payment within 14 days by bank or it will be automatically debited from your account.

I just placed my order but I forgot to add something. Is this still possible?
Yes, no problem. Please contact us by email using or call us on +31 (0)20 659 7278 and let us know what you’d like to add.

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