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Our range shows the products that Hart Delicious currently distributes. Changes to the range are reserved. Below you will find a legend regarding the different symbols and indications that are used for various products in this overview:


These products are ready-made and can therefore be used immediately


These products are delivered frozen and must be baked before use


These products are delivered frozen and are ready for use after defrosting

Order item

These products are not standard in stock and will be delivered on request

All products are shown whether these are ready-made, bake-off or frozen products. If a product deviates from the classification mentioned above, this is indicated with the product itself.

Easily place an order

You can easily and quickly place an order in a number of different ways.

  • Mail your order to
  • Send your order via a WhatsApp message to +31 (0)6 5317 6572
  • Place your order by phone on +31 (0)20 659 7278

Prefer to order online? No problem! Request an account from us for the webshop, log in with your personal details on the website and place an order where and when you want. You can easily view the orders placed via the webshop in your customer portal. That’s so easy!

We do not deliver to private individuals.

Fast delivery

When you place an order through one of the order options, it will be delivered the next working day within the Greater Amsterdam region, unless otherwise agreed.

Are you looking for a specific product that cannot be found in our range? Please contact us. We are happy to look together with you at the possibilities to make this product available to you or to find a good alternative.

Conditions for minimum purchase per location

– Greater Amsterdam (see below a map what we mean by Greater Amsterdam) minimum order value € 100 for Free delivery.

– North Holland, Flevoland, Utrecht, South Holland minimum order value for Free delivery €250,-. For order values that are lower, there will be an additional €30,- delivery fee. Minimum amount to spend per order is €100,-.

– Gelderland, Brabant, Overijssel minimum order value for free delivery €450,-. For order values that are lower, there will be an additional €30,- delivery fee. Minimum amount to spend per order is €300,-.

– Zeeland minimum order value for free delivery €1,000,-. Less is not possible.

– Groningen, Friesland, Drenthe minimum order value for free delivery €1.000,- Less not possible

– Limburg minimum order value for free delivery €1.000,- less not possible

– Belgium minimum order value for free delivery €1.000,- less not possible.

– Wadden Islands no deliveries possible.

Delivery days first in consultation with representative.

Order via the webshop

You can easily place your order via our webshop. Log in with your own customer account and select how much of which product you want to order from the products.

No customer account yet?

Do you also want to order via the webshop and do you not yet have a customer account with us? Please contact us. We create your own personal profile so that you can easily place an order via the webshop.

Shop online with your mobile

Shop online with your desktop and tablet


The form for the application for a webshop account has been sent but I have not yet received login details?
Thank you for sending us the necessary information! We will create a webshop account for you as soon as possible and send an email within 2 working days with the details to be able to log in to the webshop. Have you not received any data from us after this period? Please contact us.

I’m looking for a product but can’t find it?
The webshop is sorted in order of the catalogue and assortment and price list. The products are each placed under a category or subcategory.
You can also easily look up a product by using the search bar at the top right of the website. Still can’t find the product with this? Then there is a chance that it is no longer in our range. In this case, please contact us to be sure.

When will my order be delivered?
You can select a delivery day yourself in the ordering process. When you place an order, it will be delivered the next working day, within the Greater Amsterdam region, unless otherwise agreed.

My location is not in the Amsterdam area and I have fixed delivery days. When will I receive my order?
With the option to select a delivery day you can indicate on which day you want the order to be delivered. Always take into account the fixed delivery days that apply to you if you have them. When you select a date that is not a delivery day or where delivery is not possible, the order is automatically moved to the next possible date. You will not receive any additional message from this.

Can I have my order delivered to a different address?
Yes, you can. Please contact us after placing the order to provide the desired delivery address. You can send an email to or call 020 659 7278.

Do I have to pay directly when ordering online?
No, you don’t have to. We use the payment term that has already been determined with you. You will receive the invoice from us as usual, after which you transfer it yourself within 14 days by bank or it will be automatically collected from your account.

I just placed my order but forgot to order something. Can I still order extra?
This is certainly possible, but not via the webshop. Please contact us via or call us via so that we can attach the products you want to order in your already placed order.

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